Procedure and Investment

The portrait procedure begins with a free consultation to discuss and agree upon the mood, the size, and background of the portrait. The clothing, setting, and where the portrait will hang are also discussed. Each portrait is carefully thought out with careful insight about the personality of the subject.

The portrait session may be in our studio, studio gardens, or at a location of your choice. The portraits may be in several locations in the gardens for variety and different lighting set ups. You may want to have more than one clothing change to choose from.

The Presentation will take place a day or so following the session and last about two hours. If you are from out of town or state the presentation may follow only minutes after the session is complete. You will need to provide childcare so as to give your full attention to decision making process.

The order is placed and takes two to eight weeks for photographic work and four weeks to several months for paintings. Upon completion, the portrait will be delivered with complete satisfaction.

Portraiture entails two separate but related services. The portrait session itself and the preparation of an audio- visual presentation is the first service. The second consist of completing the finished painting or fine art photographic portraits for you. The Custom Session Fee starts at $175 for a single individual. There are additional fees for groups, travel, framing, crating and shipping.

Hand Brushed Oil Paintings and Fine Art Photographic Portraits

The investment varies greatly depending on the medium, the number of subjects and canvas size. Please call us and we can give you a quote based your needs. Ask about our Layaway Plan.

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Interpretive Art Paintings on Canvas

These mixed media paintings involve a number of methods such as oils, pigment, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, stylus and tablet or some combination. Some backgrounds capture a full spectrum of color while others are monochromatic in style . Some will be realistic and others are with impressionistic brush strokes. They can be created in any size up to 42”x96” and will be on archival canvas.

Fine Art Photographs on Canvas or Cold Press Paper

These are fine art photographs or Pigment of our original paintings. They can be created in any size up to 42”x96” and will be on archival canvas or Cold Press Art Paper. Prices does not include framing or shipping. Master Card and Visa accepted. For special request, more information or quotes, please call for pricing... 919.781.7501